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For photographers wanting Giclee photographic printing we have invested heavily in a colour correction suite that enables you to come in and accurately view your work on our Eizo ColorEdge CG211 calibrated monitor.

Use of the colour correction suite is free if you are having work printed with us, or alternatively it is available for hire at a rate of £15 per hour for image and colour correction.

If you are not familiar with our software we are able to guide you through the process.

As not all printers, scanners and monitors are set up to the same specification, we ensure colour accuracy by calibraing our monitors especially for your piece of work.

We also generate our own in-house ICC profiling for all our printers by using an industry standard i1 pro colour spectrophotometer.

This ensures a very high level of colour accuracy.

We stock Hahnemuhle, somerset, and permajet papers as well as our own brand.

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